Should I Hire a Private Car Service for my Wedding Day?

Every couple wants their wedding day to be just perfect. They spend money and hours planning out every detail to make their special day come to life. The transportation is just as important as everything else. In some wedding parties, the couple's friend pitch in and decorate a car for the bride and groom to drive away in. But what about getting from the courtroom or the chapel to the reception hall? This is the point where couples are more likely to hire a private car service. But, is that the best option for everyone? The best way to answer that question, look at the benefits of having one on your special day.

It Will Save You Money

Planning a wedding just loves to drain the bank account if a couple isn't careful. Go through your plans and all of your expenses before you commit to anything on your special day. If you don't really need it, cut it out. With this in mind, some services will help you save money in the long run. You might want to invest in the private car service to save gas money from driving your own car to the reception and the ceremony. Keep in mind, you still want to have money for the honeymoon, your house, and the rest of your future together.

It Comes in Handy if the Reception is Far Away

Sometimes, a private car service might be needed. That will depend on where you are holding the reception after the ceremony. Places close by do not need it, but what if you are are going to be miles away across town? It would be a pain to load up your own car just to get to where you need to be after the ceremony. If you are having your reception across town, then go ahead and make the arrangements for the car.

How Many People are Going to Show Up?

The size of your wedding party and guest list will play a factor in your plans. Not everyone can or will be driving. Count up everyone you will be inviting to your wedding and how big your party is going to be. Keep an eye on how your lists grow and shrink before the big day arrives. Once you have a set number, call up the private car service and make the arrangements that you will need.

For more information on hiring a private car service if your guests need DTW airport transportation, contact the team at CSI today. 

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